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Most of us have felt not so beautiful at some point in our lives- it could be because of acne or scaring or skin colour or weight but it happens to most of us. In my case it was weight and body image issues which led to bullying and eventually depression. It was then I discovered the power of accessories especially jewellery- it fit me and it made me feel beautiful. No one noticed my boring black clothes when I slid on some beautiful jewellery. It gave me something to hide behind and it became my armour. My childhood has left me with so many scars that I still carry with me but jewellery has always been my shortcut to feeling confident.

Hi, my name is Parneet & I'm the founder of Melrosia, read my story to know more about us.

Our Story- Melrosia


At Melrosia, sustainability is always on our minds- because we believe that producing pieces to treasure shouldn’t cost our planet. We are committed to taking responsibility for our actions and products. That’s why we are constantly learning, reacting and supporting initiatives to reduce our environmental impact. We know we can do better, and we’re working on it, however, it is imperative to understand that sustainability is truly a way of life and the one we’re committed to.



Melrosia (previously The Jewel Jar) is a sustainable jewellery brand for the confident woman in you.

Melrosia is for the believers like me! I'm just not a jewellery brand- I want women to look beautiful but also feel confident, courageous & powerful. Our name ‘Melrosia’ is a culmination of two words Mel+ Rosia, “Mel'' meaning always having self-confidence and brave strength and ‘Rosia’ coming from rose, symbolising femininity and beauty.

Melrosia is a passion project aimed at celebrating the rich history and traditions of my Indian roots through a modern neo traditional lens. The designs infuse eastern & western influences to showcase versatile eco-luxe timeless pieces to be loved and cherished for a long time to come.

Melrosia is for women, by women to empower women! Apart from our collections, we collaborate and support other female artists & designers who share similar values & aesthetics.



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