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How it Started

Have you ever felt invisible, like people look through you and you feel worthless? I’ve felt that way many times, especially in my childhood due to my weight. It wasn’t just about being overweight; it led to bullying, depression, and feeling unseen and unheard. Being treated differently because I looked different deeply impacted my confidence and turned me into an introvert. Then I discovered the power of jewellery. Wearing a stunning piece of jewellery transformed everything, making me feel beautiful and empowered. No one noticed my boring baggy clothes anymore; instead, they complimented my jewels. Jewellery became my shortcut to feeling secure and confident.

At Melrosia, we believe a confident woman resides within each one of us! We believe jewellery has a transformative power that empowers us to feel confident, beautiful, and unstoppable. We bring a unique touch to our jewels by celebrating my Indian roots through modern, eco-friendly designs that blend Eastern and Western influences. Melrosia supports female creatives and artisans, empowering women together.

Curious how? Hi, I’m Parneet—read my story to know more

Melrosia comes from ‘Mel’ and ‘Rosia

Mel meaning “always having self-confidence and brave strength”

Rosia comes from Rose, symbolising femininity & beauty

These two words combined define women


We follow a circular approach- care for you, our makers and our environment 

Demand Based with a Slow Fashion Mindset

Non-Seasonal approach-mindfully made for the long term

Thoughtfully Packaged

Ethical  Manufacturing