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Unique | Handmade | Ethical | Sustainable

Melrosia celebrates the rich history and traditions of India through a modern neo traditional lens. The designs infuse Eastern and Western influences to showcase versatile eco conscious that are an extension your own personal style and story. Melrosia jewellery can be worn, shared, gifted, loved and cherished for a long time to come.

We are female owned and led, we collaborate and support other women artisans and creatives who share similar values and aesthetics. We are for women, by women to empower women!

Empress Mini Choker-Melrosia,UK,Paris

From the Founder

“We all have inhibitions whether it’s related to our looks, body or mind. We want to fit in, be accepted and be ‘perfect’. Me too!! But the truth is- we are all different and even the ‘most perfect’ people have their own insecurities.

For me, jewellery was and is my panacea, it makes me feel happy, beautiful and confident. It has helped me reclaim the Parneet I didn’t cherish. I now want to celebrate the transformative power jewellery and share it with the world ”

Parneet Kaur -Founder, Melrosia Jewellery

Our Mission & Values

We believe in Self-empowerment and transformation. Melrosia has not only transformed my life but also the lives of our makers, partners and wearers. Our full circle approach cares for all the people involved and our planet too.

1. Staying Authentic & Vulnerable

Celebrate your quirks, because that’s what makes you truly YOU. Don’t be afraid of your insecurities just own them!

For me, it’s eliminating the pressure of fitting in, going out without makeup, wearing simple clothes with my statement jewels & not being afraid of speaking my mind despite being an Asian woman

2. By women to Empower Women

We're proud to support women-centric initiatives through our partner network. Through these, women in rural India learn skills like braiding, weaving & embroidery to hand make some of our jewellery.

They not only earn a stable income but gain confidence and respect. These products are sold at minimal margins so there is power in your purchase

3. Keeping Style Individual & Timeless

In a world where fashion is led by catwalk trends- we detest them! We encourage dressing for ones’ style, personality, mood, body and soul.

We want our pieces to be long lasting and versatile so we can make fond memories in them for years to come.

4. Conscious Consumerism

We support conscious consumerism and the slow fashion mindset. In an industry backed by seasonal trends, for us, sustainable means embracing a slower, non-seasonal approach with handmade, quality and timeless pieces that last for years to come.

Taking inspiration from classic and vintage designs results in the pieces being timeless making them versatile and repeatable.

5. Preserving Culture & Craftsmanship

Merging the traditional inspiration with modern aesthetics keeps our pieces current yet relevant. The ancient Indian techniques and craftsmanship is what makes our pieces unique- filigree, enameling, hand embroidery and more. These pieces can be styled with traditional, fusion or western outfits.

6. For Every style & Every Occasion or Non Occasion

These pieces are for everyone, for every occasion or for a non-occasion. Whether you’re sitting at home in your comfies or celebrating a special occasion, it’s about the joy and confidence you feel from wearing beautiful jewels. We all deserve to pamper ourselves and feel empowered each day and everyday!


At the core of our philosophy lies self-empowerment and transformation. Through our full circle approach, we extend care not only towards all individuals who contribute but to the very planet we share.

Ethical Consumption

From packaging to production, we support conscious consumerism and a slow fashion mindset. When launching a new style, it's introduced in small quantities to gauge demand first so there isn’t any overproduction adding to landfill.

Thoughtfully Packaged

We ensure all our packaging is recyclable. Our boxes are made without oil-based plastic materials. Each box uses FSC paper and NOISSUE compostable tissue paper. We reduce consumption and waste by grouping multiple pieces in one box per order.

Versatile Designs

Often Asian jewellery has limited use. To avoid this, we focus on fusing traditional and modern so they can be styled with all kinds of outfits- traditional, fusion and western. We want you to make the most out of the pieces you love

Our Community Initiatives

The driving force behind Melrosia is to empower not only our wearers but our makers too! Through our collaborative initiatives we help provide job opportunities and rural development  

Our Story

Hello! I'm Parneet, the founder of Melrosia. Find out what got me started on this journey after all it's the stories that inspire us!