It's the stories that we remember and it's the stories that inspire us to do bigger things in life

Hi, I'm Parneet, the founder of Melrosia and here is my story..


Growing up, I was bullied for my weight. I hated my body, appearance and my persona- I felt unseen and unheard. Clothes in particular caused anxiety. It’s a feeling many of us might be familiar with- it could be due to acne, scaring, colour, speech or anything else.

I can safely say, a box of jewellery that I inherited from my mum changed my life. These jewels fit me, made me feel good and beautiful which was a rare feeling. They gave me confidence and empowered me to do bigger and better things

PART 2: MY 20's

Even though I lost the weight, it didn’t change anything. Even today, when I stand in a room full of people, I still feel invisible sometimes- that feeling is deeply rooted inside of me. I have to find ways to cope.

Throughout my life journey, jewellery has been my salvation and an integral part of me and my style. No matter what I wear, I gain weight or lose weight, it doesn’t matter- it always makes me feel good and confident. Jewellery acts as my talisman, it’s my power and strength. It’s a conversational starter in a room full of people, it helps me step out of my comfort zone and escape my introverted nature.


A few years later, I was bullied again in my corporate job and those same feelings and emotions from my past reappeared. It was then, Melrosia came to life.

 What started as a side hustle to bring me happiness from my unfulfilled job, soon made me realise my purpose. Once again, jewellery came to my rescue. It is now my mission to make others believe in the transformative power of jewellery. Through Melrosia, I want to spread the same joy, comfort and confidence I feel when I’m bejewelled.

Over the years, I’ve realised, even the most 'successful' people have
insecurities and it’s a universal feeling which has given me the courage to share my story with you. I want to reclaim my lost years and really celebrate my power and be unapologetically myself.

Through my business, I’ve regained courage, strength, confidence and
most of all found my purpose.

- Parneet Kaur, Founder Melrosia