Our Story

There is a story behind everything and this is ours!


 I’m Parneet, The founder of Melrosia  & Studio Melrosia. I launched the brand just before lockdown 1.0. As everything shut down, I was devastated and believed that this was a sign from the universe to back off but a voice inside me said ‘it’s now or never’. Today, I’m so glad I listened to my inner voice and carried on. It was challenging and extremely demotivating but I stayed determined. I slowly realised, this was my purpose and I was meant to do this. The journey hasn’t been the easiest but I’m grateful for all those experiences that have led me to where I am today.

It started off in my childhood where I suffered from body image issues due to bullying for being overweight. This had a detrimental effect on my confidence and ability to excel at academics or extracurricular activities. I was an introvert with no friends and mostly kept to myself. I hated my body, my appearance and clothes in particular didn’t make me feel good and caused a lot of anxiety because they didn’t fit.

I can safely say, a jewellery box that I inherited from my mum in my teenage years changed my life! Playing dress up with those jewels gave me joy- because they fit! They made me feel beautiful and empowered, which was a rare feeling. Since then, jewellery has become my comfort and an integral part of my style and personality. My oversized jeans and tops looked stylish just by adding some jewellery.

I eventually worked on my body, my style and trained as an image consultant where I helped many women who struggled with their bodies. I encouraged them to understand the power of accessories to help transform their wardrobes without the hassle of spending a fortune on clothing. 

Melrosia comes from a place of immense passion and a strong desire to inspire women to feel confident in their own skin by providing a diverse and unique range of jewellery- for everyday and all occasions, for the simple beauty of our lives and the big moments that define them.

“I believe that jewellery is a form of self expression that empowers one to be experimental with their own style”. Coming from an Indian heritage myself, I found that traditional Indian jewellery is often limited to special occasions, so I set about bringing together an eclectic mix of jewellery with personality for women to wear & style for various different occasions without having two separate wardrobes”. I love that our jewels are a melting pot of influences, traditions and cultures. It brings together my Indian roots/craftsmanship and merges them with modern aesthetics making them relevant for today’s lifestyle. They are timeless, versatile & can be cherished for a long time to come.  

I hope you love these jewels as much as I do & they truly make you feel special xx

Lots of Love