Join us on Saturday 4th December as we celebrate the values and story behind The Jewel Jar and meet a selection of empowered female leaders. From public speakers and authors, to business owners and stylists, who are all using their platform to inspire and build upon the confidence we all hold within.

Hosted by model and activist, Rachel Peru, we will be talking about how we can enhance our natural beauty, let our inner positivity shine, and how the fashion choices we make can boost the spring in our step. 

Check out our event calendar and make sure to tune into our Instagram account to watch the day unfold.



Introducing Rachel Peru

Meet today's host and activist, Rachel Peru.


The Jewel Jar Video Launch

Keep an eye on our Reels as we share this year's campaign video for The Jewel Jar.


Getting to know Sarah Thomas

Join us live on Instagram for an interview with the co-founder of luxury skincare brand, Clockface Beauty, as we talk about rebuilding confidence by embracing natural beauty.


Behind the Scenes with Jamila

We're going behind the scenes to find out more about this year's video campaign through the eyes of our models.


Rachel Peru speaks to Monica Singh Gangotra

Join us on IGTV as we learn about the expression of personality and culture through the fashion choices you make. Monika talks about embracing your true self and expressing your personality through fashion.


Manchester Fashion Movement talks Sustainability

Learn about making the most of your fashion with Manchester Fashion Movement on IGTV as we talk about dressing sustainably yet stylishly.


Introducing our Founder, Parneet Kaur

Interviewed live by Rachel Peru, we find out more about the ethos, message, and motive behind The Jewel Jar.


The Jewel Jar at Whitewall Manchester

Join us on Reels to see what we've been up to, and what's to come!